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For marriage and family counseling in Marietta, Georgia, trust a practice with over 34 years of experience. Choose Marietta Counseling Associates when it comes to handling and solving marital or familial discord. Dr. Ann M. Clark is our resident counselor and she has had a variety of academic and clinical experiences over the years. She has worked with Cobb County Mental Health Center Child and Adolescent Services, taught student nurses at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing and Kennesaw State School of Nursing during their mental health clinical, and has also worked at Grady Hospital Emergency and Outpatient Psychiatric/Mental Health Services for the past 10 years.

What Will Counseling Do for Me?


The key purpose of counseling in married couples is to put a neutral mediator in a room with you and your partner to help you get a good understanding what's going on in your relationship. If you're having a difficult time communicating with your husband or wife, a therapist can assist you through talking about your conflict. In individual therapy and family therapy, a counselor assists in helping you resolve issues that may be too difficult to deal with by yourself or without professional help.

Resolve Your Problems With More Ease

Dr. Clark has integrated a variety of academic and clinical experiences into her private practice of marriage and family therapy. She is available with counseling and consultation services for a variety of individual, marital, and family problems. Call us at 770-429-9257 to schedule an appointment.

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